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Professor, PhD
Dag L. Aksnes


Below is a list of my scientific publications. The list was updated 07 February 2014.

Peer-reviewed Articles in International Journals
M. Haraldsson, U. Båmstedt, P. Tiselius, J. Titelman, and D.L. Aksnes. 2014.
Evidence of diel vertical migration in Mnemiopsis leidyi
PLOS One 9: e86595. [ pdf ] [ open access ] [ doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0086595 ]
X. Irigoien, T.A. Klevjer, A. Røstad, U. Martinez, G. Boyra, J.L. Acuña, A. Bode, F. Echevarria, J.I. Gonzalez-Gordillo, S. Hernandez-Leon, S. Agusti, D.L. Aksnes, C.M. Duarte, and S. Kaartvedt. 2014.
Large mesopelagic fishes biomass and trophic efficiency in the open ocean
Nature Communications 5: 3271. [ online ] [ supplementary material ] [ doi:10.1038/ncomms4271 ]
N. Dupont and D.L. Aksnes. 2013.
Centennial changes in water clarity of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 131: 282-289. [ pdf ] [ doi:10.1016/j.ecss.2013.08.010 ]
Ø. Fiksen, M.J. Follows, and D.L. Aksnes. 2013.
Trait-based models of nutrient uptake in microbes extend the Michaelis-Menten framework
Reviews in Limnology and Oceanography 58: 193-202. [ pdf ] [ doi:10.4319/lo.2013.58.1.0193 ]
J. Giske, S. Eliassen, Ø. Fiksen, P.J. Jakobsen, D.L. Aksnes, C. Jørgensen, and M. Mangel. 2013.
Effects of the emotion system on adaptive behavior
American Naturalist 182: 689-703. [ pdf ] [ open access ] [ online appendix ] [ popularized version ] [ doi:10.1086/673533 ]
M. Haraldsson, C. Jaspers, P. Tiselius, D.L. Aksnes, T. Andersen, and J. Titelman. 2013.
Environmental constraints of the invasive Mnemiopsis leidyi in Scandinavian waters
Limnology and Oceanography 58: 37-48. [ doi:10.4319/lo.2013.58.1.0037 ]
A. Urtizberea, N. Dupont, R. Rosland, and D.L. Aksnes. 2013.
Sensitivity of euphotic zone properties to CDOM variations in marine ecosystem models
Ecological Modelling 256: 16-22. [ pdf ] [ open access ] [ doi:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2013.02.010 ]
N. Dupont and D.L. Aksnes. 2012.
Effects of bottom depth and water clarity on the vertical distribution of Calanus spp
Journal of Plankton Research 34: 263-266. [ doi:10.1093/plankt/fbr096 ]
M. Haraldsson, K. Tönnesson, P. Tiselius, T.F. Thingstad, and D.L. Aksnes. 2012.
Relationship between fish and jellyfish as a function of eutrophication and water clarity
Marine Ecology Progress Series 471: 73-85. [ pdf ] [ open access ] [ doi:10.3354/meps10036 ]
S. Kaartvedt, T.A. Klevjer, and D.L. Aksnes. 2012.
Internal wave-mediated shading causes frequent vertical migrations in fishes
Marine Ecology Progress Series 452: 1-10. [ pdf ] [ feature article ] [ open access ] [ doi:10.3354/meps09688 ]
S. Kaartvedt, A. Staby, and D.L. Aksnes. 2012.
Efficient trawl avoidance by mesopelagic fishes causes large underestimation of their biomass
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 456: 1-6. [ pdf ] [ open access ] [ feature article ] [ doi:10.3354/meps09785 ]
D.L. Aksnes and F.J. Cao. 2011.
Inherent and apparent traits in microbial nutrient uptake
Marine Ecology Progress Series 440: 41-51. [ pdf ] [ open access ] [ doi:10.3354/meps09355 ]
A. Staby and D.L. Aksnes. 2011.
Follow the light – diurnal and seasonal variations in vertical distribution of the mesopelagic fish Maurolicus muelleri
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 422: 265-273. [ pdf ] [ doi:10.3354/meps08938 ]
J.M. Claes, D.L. Aksnes, and J. Mallefet. 2010.
Phantom hunter of the fjords: Camouflage by counterillumination in a shark (Etmopterus spinax)
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 388: 28-32. [ pdf ] [ doi:10.1016/j.jembe.2010.03.009 ]
N. Dupont and D.L. Aksnes. 2010.
Simulation of optically conditioned retention and mass occurrences of Periphylla periphylla
Journal of Plankton Research 32: 773-783. [ pdf ] [ doi:10.1093/plankt/fbq015 ]
D.L. Aksnes, N. Dupont, A. Staby, Ø. Fiksen, S. Kaartvedt, and J. Aure. 2009.
Coastal water darkening and implications for mesopelagic regime shifts in Norwegian fjords
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 387: 39-49. [ open access ]
D.L. Aksnes and M.D. Ohman. 2009.
Multi-decadal shoaling of the euphotic zone in the southern sector of the California Current System
Limnology and Oceanography 54: 1272-1281. [ pdf ]
N. Dupont, T.A. Klevjer, S. Kaartvedt, and D.L. Aksnes. 2009.
Diel vertical migration of the deep water jellyfish Periphylla periphylla simulated as individual responses to absolute light intensity
Limnology and Oceanography 54: 1765-1775. [ pdf ]
M. Daase, K. Eiane, D.L. Aksnes, and D. Vogedes. 2008.
Vertical distribution of Calanus spp. and Metridia longa at four Arctic locations
Marine Biology Research 4: 193-207. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes. 2007.
Evidence for visual constraints on large marine fish stocks
Limnology and Oceanography 52: 198-203. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes, M.D. Ohman, and P. Riviére. 2007.
Optical effect on the nitracline in a coastal upwelling area
Limnology and Oceanography 52: 1179-1187. [ pdf ]
T.A. Sørnes, D.L. Aksnes, U. Båmstedt, and M.J. Youngbluth. 2007.
Causes for mass occurrences of the jellyfish Periphylla periphylla; an hypothesis that involves optically conditioned retention
Journal of Plankton Research 29: 157-167. [ pdf ] [ doi:10.1093/plankt/fbm003 ]
C. Troedsson, P. Ganot, J.M. Bouquet, D.L. Aksnes, and E.M. Thompson. 2007.
Endostyle cell recruitment as a frame of reference for development and growth in the Urochordate, Oikopleura dioica
Biological Bulletin 213: 325-334. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes, C. Troedsson, and E.M. Thompson. 2006.
Integrating developmental clocking and growth in a life-history model for the planktonic chordate Oikopleura dioica
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 318: 81-88. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes, C. Troedsson, and E.M. Thompson. 2006.
A model of developmental time applied to planktonic embryos
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 318: 75-80. [ pdf ]
T. Sørnes and D.L. Aksnes. 2006.
Concurrent temporal patterns in light absorbance and fish abundance
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 325: 181-186. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes, J. Nejstgaard, E. Sædberg, and T. Sørnes. 2004.
Optical control of fish and zooplankton populations
Limnology and Oceanography 49: 233-238. [ pdf ]
T.A. Sørnes and D.L. Aksnes. 2004.
Predation efficiency in visual and tactile zooplanktivores
Limnology and Oceanography 49: 69-75. [ pdf ]
J. Berntsen, D.L. Aksnes, and A. Foldvik. 2002.
Production enhancement by artificial upwelling: a simulation study
Hydrobiologia 484: 177-190.
K. Eiane, D.L. Aksnes, M.D. Ohman, S. Wood, and M.B. Martinussen. 2002.
Stage-specific mortality of Calanus spp. under different predation regimes
Limnology and Oceanography 47: 636-645. [ pdf ]
Ø. Fiksen, D.L. Aksnes, M.H. Flyum, and J. Giske. 2002.
The influence of turbidity on growth and survival of fish larvae: a numerical analysis
Hydrobiologia 484: 49-59. [ pdf ]
C. Troedsson, J.M. Bouquet, D.L. Aksnes, and E.M. Thompson. 2002.
Resource allocation between somatic growth and reproductive output in the pelagic chordate Oikopleura dioica allows opportunistic response to nutritional variation
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 243: 83-91. [ pdf ]
E. Bagøien, S. Kaartvedt, D.L. Aksnes, and K. Eiane. 2001.
Vertical distribution and mortality of overwintering Calanus
Limnology and Oceanography 46: 1494-1510. [ pdf ]
K. Eiane, D.L. Aksnes, E. Bagøien, and S. Kaartvedt. 1999.
Fish or jellies - a question of visibility?
Limnology and Oceanography 44: 1352-1357. [ pdf ]
K. Eiane, D.L. Aksnes, and M.D. Ohman. 1998.
Advection and zooplankton fitness
Sarsia 83: 87-93. [ pdf ]
Ø. Fiksen, A.C.W. Utne, D.L. Aksnes, K. Eiane, J.V. Helvik, and S. Sundby. 1998.
Modelling the influence of light, turbulence and ontogeny on ingestion rates in larval cod and herring
Fisheries Oceanography 7: 355-363. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes, C.B. Miller, M.D. Ohman, and S.N. Wood. 1997.
Estimation techniques used in studies of copepod population dynamics - A review of underlying assumptions
Sarsia 82: 279-296. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes and A.C.W. Utne. 1997.
A revised model of visual range in fish
Sarsia 82: 137-147. [ pdf ]
K. Eiane, D.L. Aksnes, and J. Giske. 1997.
The significance of optical properties in competition among visual and tactile planktivores: A theoretical study
Ecological Modelling 98: 123-136. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes. 1996.
Natural mortality, fecundity and development time in marine planktonic copepods - implications of behaviour
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 131: 315-316. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes and J. Blindheim. 1996.
Circulation patterns in the North Atlantic and possible impact on population dynamics of Calanus finmarchicus
Ophelia 44: 7-28. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes and M.D. Ohman. 1996.
A vertical life table approach to zooplankton mortality estimation
Limnology and Oceanography 41: 1461-1469. [ pdf ]
M.D. Ohman, D.L. Aksnes, and J.A. Runge. 1996.
The interrelationship of copepod fecundity and mortality
Limnology and Oceanography 41: 1470-1477. [ pdf ]
P. Wassmann, J.K. Egge, M. Reigstad, and D.L. Aksnes. 1996.
Influence of dissolved silicate on vertical flux of particulate biogenic matter
Marine Pollution Bulletin 33: 10-21. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes, K.B. Ulvestad, B.M. Balino, J. Berntsen, J.K. Egge, and E. Svendsen. 1995.
Ecological modeling in coastal waters - towards predictive physical-chemical-biological simulation-models
Ophelia 41: 5-36. [ pdf ]
A.G.V. Salvanes, D.L. Aksnes, J.H. Fosså, and J. Giske. 1995.
Simulated carrying capacities of fish in Norwegian fjords
Fisheries Oceanography 4: 17-32. [ pdf ]
A.G.V. Salvanes, D.L. Aksnes, and J. Giske. 1995.
A surface-dependent gastric evacuation model for fish
Journal of Fish Biology 47: 679-695. [ pdf ]
M.D. Skogen, E. Svendsen, J. Berntsen, D.L. Aksnes, and K.B. Ulvestad. 1995.
Modelling the primary production in the North Sea using a coupled three-dimensional physical-chemical-biological ocean model
Estuarine, Coastal dn Shelf Science 41: 545-565. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes, J.K. Egge, R. Rosland, and B.R. Heimdal. 1994.
Representation of Emiliania huxleyi in phytoplankton simulation models. A first approach
Sarsia 79: 291-300. [ pdf ]
J. Giske, D.L. Aksnes, and Ø. Fiksen. 1994.
Visual predators, environmental variables and zooplankton mortality risk
Vie Milieu 44: 1-9. [ pdf ]
A.C.W. Utne and D.L. Aksnes. 1994.
An experimental study on the influence of feeding versus predation risk in the habitat choice of juvenile and adult two-Spotted goby Gobiusculus flavescens (Fabricius)
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 179: 69-79. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes and J. Giske. 1993.
A theoretical model of aquatic visual feeding
Ecological Modelling 67: 233-250. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes and P. Wassmann. 1993.
Modeling the significance of zooplankton grazing for export production
Limnology and Oceanography 38: 978-985. [ pdf ]
B.M. Baliño and D.L. Aksnes. 1993.
Winter distribution and migration of the sound-scattering layers, zooplankton and micronekton in Masfjorden, Western Norway
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 102: 35-50. [ pdf ]
J. Giske, D.L. Aksnes, and B. Førland. 1993.
Variable generation times and Darwinian fitness measures
Evolutionary Ecology 7: 233-239. [ pdf ]
A.C.W. Utne, D.L. Aksnes, and J. Giske. 1993.
Food, predation risk and shelter - an experimental study on the distribution of adult two-spotted Goby Gobiusculus flavescens (Fabricius)
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 166: 203-216. [ pdf ]
J.K. Egge and D.L. Aksnes. 1992.
Silicate as regulating nutrient in phytoplankton competition
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 83: 281-289. [ pdf ]
J. Giske and D.L. Aksnes. 1992.
Ontogeny, season and trade-offs: vertical distribution of the mesopelagic fish Maurolicus muelleri
Sarsia 77: 253-261. [ pdf ]
J. Giske, H.R. Skjoldal, and D.L. Aksnes. 1992.
A conceptual model of distribution of capelin in the Barents Sea
Sarsia 77: 147-156. [ pdf ]
S. Kaartvedt and D.L. Aksnes. 1992.
Does fresh-water discharge cause mortality of fjord-living zooplankton
Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 34: 305-313.
A.G.V. Salvanes, D.L. Aksnes, and J. Giske. 1992.
Ecosystem model for evaluating potential cod production in a west Norwegian fjord
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 90: 9-22. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes and J.K. Egge. 1991.
A theoretical model for nutrient uptake in phytoplankton
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 70: 65-72. [ pdf ]
J. Giske, D.L. Aksnes, U. Lie, and S.M. Wakili. 1991.
Computer simulation of pelagic production in Masfjorden, western Norway, and its consequences for production of released 0-group cod
ICES Marine Science Symposia 192: 161-175. [ pdf ]
S. Kaartvedt, T.M. Johnsen, D.L. Aksnes, U. Lie, and H. Svendsen. 1991.
Occurrence of the toxic phytoflagellate Prymnesium parvum and associated fish mortality in a Norwegian fjord system
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 48: 2316-2323. [ pdf ]
K.E. Naas, T. van der Meeren, and D.L. Aksnes. 1991.
Plankton succession and responses to manipulations in a marine basin for larval fish rearing
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 74: 161-173. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes and J. Giske. 1990.
Habitat profitability in pelagic environments
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 64: 209-215. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes and U. Lie. 1990.
A coupled physical biological pelagic model of a shallow sill fjord
Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 31: 459-486.
J. Giske, D.L. Aksnes, B.M. Baliño, S. Kaartvedt, U. Lie, J.T. Nordeide, A.G.V. Salvanes, S.M. Wakili, and A. Aadnesen. 1990.
Vertical distribution and trophic interactions of zooplankton and fish in Masfjorden, Norway
Sarsia 75: 65-81. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes, J. Aure, S. Kaartvedt, T. Magnesen, and J. Richard. 1989.
Significance of advection for the carrying capacities of fjord populations
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 50: 263-274. [ pdf ]
T. Magnesen, D.L. Aksnes, and H.R. Skjoldal. 1989.
Fine-scale vertical structure of a summer zooplankton community in Lindåspollene, western Norway
Sarsia 74: 115-126. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes and T. Magnesen. 1988.
A population dynamics approach to the estimation of production of four Calanoid copepods in Lindåspollene, western Norway
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 45: 57-68. [ pdf ]
S. Kaartvedt, D.L. Aksnes, and A. Aadnesen. 1988.
Winter distribution of macroplankton and micronekton in Masfjorden, western Norway
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 45: 45-55. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes and T.J. Høisæter. 1987.
Obtaining life table data from stage-frequency distributional statistics
Limnology and Oceanography 32: 514-517. [ pdf ]
S. Kaartvedt, D.L. Aksnes, and J.K. Egge. 1987.
Effect of light on the vertical distribution of Pecten maximus larvae
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 40: 195-197. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes, T. Magnesen, and U. Lie. 1985.
Nutrient enrichment experiments in plastic cylinders and the implications of enhanced primary production in Lindåspollene, western Norway
Sarsia 70: 45-58. [ pdf ]
D.L. Aksnes and T. Magnesen. 1983.
Distribution, development, and production of Calanus finmarchicus (Gunnerus) in Lindåspollene, western Norway, 1979
Sarsia 68: 195-207. [ pdf ]
U. Lie, T. Magnesen, B. Tunberg, and D.L. Aksnes. 1983.
Preliminary studies on the vertical distribution of size-fractions in the zooplankton community in Lindåspollene, western Norway
Sarsia 68: 65-80. [ pdf ]
Book Chapters
D.L. Aksnes. 1993.
Mathematical models for aquatic populations
In Human impact on self-recruiting populations, Edited by G. Sundnes. Tapir, Trondheim, Norway. Pp 285-308. [ pdf ]
Conference Proceedings, Theses, and Reports
A.F. Opdal, D.L. Aksnes, R. Rosland, and Ø. Fiksen. 2013.
Sognefjorden – en oppsummering av litteratur og kunnskapsstatus om fjord-økologi og vannkraftutbygging
Uni Computing Technical Report Series 32:


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