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Mechanisms and Adaptations

Our aim is to understand how processes at the level of individuals drive dynamics of populations and communities. We focus on individual trade-offs and use trait-based models to explain ecological and evolutionary patterns. Please navigate through our pages to read more about our Research, our Publications, and us.

Most of the Theoretical Ecology Group, as of January 2016. From left to right: Sergey Buadev, Anders Opdal, Camilla H. Jensen, Christian Jørgensen, Jaqueline Weidner (partly hidden), Elisabeth Åsly, Johanna Fall, Sigrunn Eliassen, Ryan Dillon, Adèle Mennerat, Dag Aksnes, Øyvind Fiksen, Tom Langbehn, Gabriella Ljungström, Chris Lindemann, and Johanna Aarfloth.

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A Successful Third Workshop on Trait-Based Approaches to Ocean Life
How can the essential properties of community structure and ecosystem functioning be captured from a limited number of traits in organisms? 120 researchers from 31 nations met over four days at Solstrand to answer this question.
[4 September 2017]

New Paper on Sea Ice Loss and Changing Pelagic Interactions
The Arctic sea-ice cover is rapidly shrinking and light increasingly reaches the previously darkened waters. A new paper predicts that increased visibility helps fish that hunt by sight to detect their prey, which can expand their distribution poleward. However, the foraging gains will be limited to the summer months, as the polar nigh remains dark regardless of sea-ice loss, a seasonality favouring migratory fish.
[31 July 2017]

Evolution of Virulence in Salmon Lice Covered by The Scientist
One of our recent scientific papers, published in Journal of Evolutionary Biology and coauthored by Mathias Ugelvik, Olav Moberg, Arne Skorping, and Adele Mennerat, is discussed in popular science journal The Scientist. Virulence of salmon lice from farmed areas appears higher than that of lice from wild areas, providing correlative support to theoretical studies predicting evolution of higher virulence in parasites and pathogens of farmed fish.
[20 April 2017]

TEG Members Convening ICES Session on Movement Ecology
Together with Sue Lowerre-Barbieri, Ignacio Catalán, and Ross Boucek, Christian and Anders are convening a Theme Session on Movement Ecology at the ICES Annual Science Conference in Florida 18-22 September 2017; Linkages between spatial ecology and sustainable fisheries.
[18 February 2017]


Dag L. Aksnes
Sergey Budaev
PhD Student
Ryan J. Dillon
Associate Professor
Sigrunn Eliassen
PhD student
Johanna Fall
Group Leader, Professor
Øyvind Fiksen
PhD Student
Nadia Fouzai
Jarl Giske
PhD Student
Camilla Håkonsrud Jensen
Christian Jørgensen
PhD Student
Tom J. Langbehn
Christian Lindemann
PhD Student
Gabriella Ljungström
Adjunct Professor
Marc Mangel
Adèle Mennerat
Anders F. Opdal
PhD student
Nicolas J. I. Rodriguez
PhD Student
Jacqueline Weidner
PhD Student
Johanna Myrseth Aarflot