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Our aim is to understand how processes at the level of individuals drive dynamics of populations and communities. We focus on individual trade-offs and use trait-based models to explain ecological and evolutionary patterns.

Physical forcing
Light, temperature,
Mechanistic and evolutionary models   Behaviour
Life history strategies
Population dynamics
Trophic interactions
Ecosystem structure
and states
Biological interactions
Predators, prey, move-
ments, information...

This 'individual-based evolutionary ecology' is our tool to understand the functioning of ecosystems and predict how organism respond to environmental change. We work mainly with marine systems, but some of the theory we develop addresses general biological questions regardless of ecosystem. Please read more abour our Research Themes below.

Research Themes

Trait-based Marine Ecosystem Models
Traditionally, ecosystem models represent a few important groups of organisms. In trait-based models organisms are characterised as continuums of traits, and winners emerge from a process resembling natural selection.


Animal Decision Making

Evolution in Fisheries Science
Industrial fishing is the main source of mortality for many commercially harvested fish stocks, and there is increasing concern that this will cause evolutionary changes in the fish species themselves. We use models as a virtual laboratory to study fish evolution. By varying the external pressures, such as fishing, we simulate fish evolution to assess ecological and economical consequences.

Fish Larval Ecology
Larval fish ecology is a theme connecting oceanography and plankton ecology to fisheries science.


Dag L. Aksnes
Sergey Budaev
PhD Student
Ryan J. Dillon
Associate Professor
Sigrunn Eliassen
PhD student
Johanna Fall
Group Leader, Professor
Øyvind Fiksen
PhD Student
Nadia Fouzai
Jarl Giske
PhD Student
Laura Hildesheim
PhD Student
Camilla Håkonsrud Jensen
Christian Jørgensen
PhD Student
Tom J. Langbehn
Christian Lindemann
PhD Student
Gabriella Ljungström
Adjunct Professor
Marc Mangel
Adéle Mennerat
Anders F. Opdal
PhD student
Nicolas J. I. Rodriguez
PhD Student
Jacqueline Weidner
PhD Student
Johanna Myrseth Aarflot