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Biological Sciences

How can fisheries contribute more to a sustainable future?


We are hiring two PhD-students and two postdocs

Our new project asking how fisheries can contribute more to a sustainable future is hiring new people to investigate the contribution of fisheries to sustainable food systems, refine estimates of primary production and trophic efficiencies, and to map peoples’ values towards nature and food production across sea and land.

28 August 2021

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway, as a Collaborative Project to Meet Societal and Industry-related Challenges within the thematic area Sustainable Food Systems. The project is interdisciplinary across biological oceanography, marine ecology, and psychology, with strong involvement of the seafood industry (Fiskebåt), a conservationist NGO (Nature and Youth), and Norway’s government agency advising and implementing management of marine living resources (Directorate of Fisheries). The project duration is four years starting from November 2021. We are now recruiting four early career researchers, two PhD-candidates and two postdocs. You can read more about the project at the home page. DEADLINE for applications is 3 October 2021, and here are links to the application portal:

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