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Current Masters students

Hanif Kawousi
MSc student 2022-2024
I will use object-oriented programming to create a model depicting evolution in songbirds experiencing fear and hunger. By doing this, I wish to investigate the mechanisms behind emotional stressors and better understand how this can affect the songbird’s evolutionary trajectory. Supervisors: Sergey Budaev and Jarl Giske.
Kristian Rørhus Fjell
MSc student 2023-2025
I will study the gravitational carbon flux in different parts of the North Atlantic by applying machine learning to videos of sinking particles and marine snow.
Supervisors: Christian Lindemann with Webjørn Melle and Ketil Malde (both at Institute of Marine Research).
Bergfrid Høgås Skjæveland
MSc student 2023-2025
I will study the two key zooplankton climate indicator species Calanus finmarchicus (North Atlantic) and Calanus glacialis (Arctic) in Isfjorden at Svalbard, which is strongly impacted by Atlantic water, except the innermost part, Billefjorden. Supervisors: Janne Søreide (UNIS), Tom J. Langbehn, and Øystein Varpe.
Frida Wickmann
MSc student 2022-2024
I study biodiversity, ecology, and evolution. I am interested in how biotic and abiotic factors structure life history, physiology, and behavior in marine organisms. Supervisors: Andrea Campos-Candela and Christian Jørgensen.

For previous group members please check our Alumni page.

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