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Current Masters students

Eirik Hoddevik Hovstad
MSc student 2021-2023
I will be looking at the sustainability of different types of ropes used for kelp farming in Lerøy’s ocean forest project using a life cycle analysis type of approach and including the assessment of kelp settlement and growth success. Supervisors: Gabriella Ljungström and Roger Strand (Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities).
Ingvild Marie Krohn Riska
MSc student 2021-2023
I will combine insights from an individual based model with field-based observations to study the effect of artificial light on the behaviour and distribution of pelagic organisms in the water column. Specifically, what is the sampling bias introduced by a lit research vessel.
Supervisors: Øystein Varpe, Anders F. Opdal, and Tom J. Langbehn.
Frida Wickmann
MSc student 2022-2024
I study biodiversity, ecology, and evolution. I am interested in how biotic and abiotic factors structure life history, physiology, and behavior in marine organisms. Supervisors: Andrea Campos-Candela and Christian Jørgensen.

For previous group members please check our Alumni page.

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