Department of
Biological Sciences

Professor, PhD
Øystein Varpe

Life histories, behaviour, and adaptations to seasonality

My research is on why we observe variation in life histories and behaviour, both within and between species, and how this variation influences population dynamics, interactions and ecosystems.

I am also deeply fascinated by seasonality and aim to understand how seasonal environments shape ecological processes and evolutionary adaptations. Most of my work is in marine ecosystems, and on birds, fish and zooplankton, but I also collaborate on projects where terrestrial organisms are studied. I combine investigations in the field (including experiments) with mathematical models and statistical analyses of data.

My main position is at UiB, with adjunct position at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA).

For more and related background, you are welcome to also visit my lab-page, the Seasonal Ecology Group, or my Research Gate profile.

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