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Here you can browse through a selection of outreach activities I have been involved in. The list is unfortunately not complete, but I will do my best to keep a better track, starting from fall 2020.


Videos, TV and radio

How will be to be student on board sailing vessel Statsraad Lehmkuhl during the four-month sustainability course SDG200?

In connection with my role as the scientific director of the
Bergen Summer Research School 2021 we made a small video inviting PhD-students to our summer school:

Science and Society towards the Sustainable Development Goals from UiB - Universitetet i Bergen on Vimeo.



In Norwegian TV-programme Norge Nå discussing Atlantic mackerel.

In October 2019 I was invited to talk in the Norwegian national TV about Atlantic mackerel. The programme Norge nå is in Norwegian, and you can watch the episode here.


















The course SDG214 I designed around the Sustainable Development Goal 14 has raised quite a bit of national and international interested and I have been presenting it in many fora. In spring 2019 three great films were made about the course:

SDG14, Life Below Water, video 1 from UiB - Universitetet i Bergen on Vimeo.

SDG14, Life Below Water, video 2 from UiB - Universitetet i Bergen on Vimeo.

SDG14, Life Below Water, video 3 from UiB - Universitetet i Bergen on Vimeo.


In 2017 I got the honour to be part of a series of short films on researchers, telling about my research (in Norwegian). The production of these films was supported by the Research Council of Norway, and the purpose of the films was to encourage kids and youth to consider a career as a researcher.

Forsker Katja Enberg from Kunnskapsfilm on Vimeo.




NRK Distriktsnyheter Vestlandsrevyen 30.9.2016.

In 2016 I was, as the head of the research and advice programme for the Norwegian Sea (Institute of Marine Research) and as the head of the ICES assessment working group WGWIDE, interviewed in the news of the Norwegian national broadcasting company about the new quota advice for Norwegian spring spawning herring: Foreslår å doble sildekvoten, NRK Distriktsnyheter Vestlandsrevyen here.









Presentations and panels

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