Department of
Biological Sciences

Postdoc, PhD
Gabriella Ljungström

Global change ecology

With a background in evolutionary ecology my research has mainly focused on understanding how environmental changes, and particularly climate change, affect life-history traits and behaviours in animals that live in seasonal environments. As a research tool I mainly use theoretical models, with the aim to uncover mechanisms that can improve our understanding and therefore prediction of responses of marine fishes to environmental change.

My models integrate physiological responses, foraging interactions, behavioural ecology, and life-history theory to predict how variation in temperature, food characteristics, and light seasonality affects energy budgeting and survival, and thereby population productivity, spatial distributions, phenology, and more.

Sustainable use of marine resources

I also have a strong interest in sustainable use of marine resources. Together with colleagues I work on several topics related to sustainable fishing, fish from a food-security perspective, food-system interactions between land and sea, and consumer perceptions and behaviours related to seafood, for example in the Future Fisheries project.

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2021 I led the course SDG214: Life below water at UiB and co-hosted the session Sustainable development of life under water at Bergen Summer Research School.

I currently hold a position in the programme committee for the SDG Conference Bergen 2023 and coordinate the work for Day Zero, which is a free, all-digital event the day before the SDG Conference Bergen. Day Zero is designed to be an open space to communicate across disciplines, topics, and goals and to learn from one another in critical applications of the SDGs and their associated targets and indicators.

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