Department of
Biological Sciences

Postdoc, PhD
Andrea Campos-Candela

I am a (theoretical) ecologist enthusiastic in bringing together theoretical ecology and empirical science, by integrating experimental, field and modelling perspectives and methods.

Research interests

I am interested in understanding the mechanisms that enable animals to cope with environmental change from an integrative perspective bridging animal behaviour, evolution and ecology. To date my research activity has focused on describing the links between behavioural and physiological traits at the individual level, aiming to shed light on the ultimate and proximate causes of variation in behaviour and life history. In my current position, I am opening myself to a new field towards eco-physiology to cover novel issues related with fish physiology and eco-evolution in coral reef systems.

My current project

In the heat of the night: the role of hypoxia on coral reefs
I want to understand the life history consequences of hypoxia for fish living in coral reefs, in particular how progressive hypoxia overnight has affected the evolution of life history on coral-dwelling fish and diversity patterns across reefs. For that, I am developing an evolutionary life history model grounded in physiology and energetics with behavioural ecology.

Science communication and society

Science needs from an active citizen participation and society needs from a closer science. It is said that science generates universal knowledge, so that it is meant to... talk about science! Telling science through stories, tales or monologues is my grain of sand to this exchange of knowledge.
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