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Professor, PhD
Øyvind Fiksen

Ecological mechanics and evolution

I work on marine organisms, populations and ecosystems. I like research that are mechanistic, quantitative and driven by theory, and my favourite animals are fish and zooplankton.

Environmental gradients in space and time create trade-offs between growth and survival, and organisms are well adapted to move along these slopes. Behavioural decisions have far-reacing consequences to for example recruitment processes and ecosystem functioning. As an example, both feeding success and death rates of a larval fish depends on its activity level and where in the water column it prefer to be. I find it intriguing to apply evolutionary models to predict where animals should be found in these gradients.

Reglero P, Ortega A, Balbin R, Abascal FJ, Medina A, Blanco E, de la Gándara F, Alvarez-Berastegui D, Hidalgo M, Rasmuson L, Alemany F, Fiksen Ø. 2018.
Atlantic bluefin tuna spawn at suboptimal temperatures for their offspring
Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 285: 20171405. [ doi:10.1098/rspb.2017.1405 ] [ pdf ]
Fiksen Ø, Opdal AF. 2015.
Optimality and rule-based models for larval fish behavior
Vie et Milieu. 65: 115-120. [ open access ] [ pdf ]
Fouzai N, Opdal AF, Jørgensen C, Fiksen Ø. 2015.
Effects of temperature and food availability on larval cod survival: a model for behaviour in vertical gradients
Marine Ecology-Progress Series. 529: 199-212. [ doi:10.3354/meps11326 ] [ open access ]
Fiksen Ø, Follows MJ, Aksnes DL. 2013.
Trait-based models of nutrient uptake in microbes extend the Michaelis-Menten framework
Reviews in Limnology and Oceanography. 58: 193-202. [ doi:10.4319/lo.2013.58.1.0193 ] [ pdf ]


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