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PhD Student, MSc
Gabriella Ljungström

The effects of human stressors on life history traits and behaviours

I'm interested in global change biology, i.e. how present day human activities lead to changes in our atmosphere and oceans and how these changes are altering biological systems. I'm particularly interested in how changes due to human activities can drive the evolution of life history traits and behaviours.

It is known that both fishing and climate change independently can drive evolution of behaviour and life history traits, but less is known about how these two anthropogenic drivers interact. In my PhD project I will model how fishing and climate warming jointly determine new optima for behaviours and life history traits, and then use the models to identify harvesting strategies that maximise sustainable yield.

My PhD project is part of the European Innovative Training Network MARmaED (Marine Management and Ecosystem Dymanics under Climate Change), which aims to increase and modernise the fundamental knowledge on how marine ecosystems are functioning, and to propagate this knowledge to society, in order to meet the challenges imposed by the changing climate and the continued high anthropogenic pressure on marine resources. You can read more about the MARmaED network here, and about its PhD students and partners here.


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