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Postdoc, PhD
Christian Lindemann

Bio-physical coupling of phytoplankton

A main focus of my work is the investigation of the effect of deep convection on phytoplankton dynamics and its relation to winter phytoplankton survival in the North Atlantic.     

In the North Atlantic during winter deep convection can counteract phytoplankton sinking and frequently return cells into the euphotic zone. It has been suggested that this concept, termed ‘Phyto-convection’, enables phytoplankton survival in the highly turbulent deep mixed layer and thereby can play an important role in providing the seed population for the onset of the phytoplankton spring bloom.
Coming from a biological background I am particularly interested in the role of individual physiological rates and how they react to changing environmental conditions. With respect to winter survival this is of particular interested, as cell experience generally low light level and may remain in dark for long periods of time. Therefore buoyancy control and the ability to regulate metabolic rates (e.g. dark respiration) can play a crucial role in maintaining a viable population through the winter. To investigate this matter I am involved in work using different modeling approaches such as Individual-Based-Models and ecosystem models as well as static approaches employing stability analysis.

On a more general basis I am interested in a better understanding of the functioning of the complex marine ecosystem, the impact of adaptation and acclimation of individuals and groups and how to improve the representation of these processes in different types of models.


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