Department of
Biological Sciences

PhD student, MSc
Nicolas J. I. Rodriguez

The theory and method of ecosystem-based management in integrated marine management plans

My research focuses on the theory and method of ecosystem-based management in integrated marine management plans. I am interested in the relationship between theoretical ecology and the development of marine management systems.

The aim of my Phd-thesis has been to research the theoretical and methodical basis for marine ecosystem-based management, and especially the development of the holistic marine management regime and integrated management plans in Norway.

In my research I have looked at:

1) Integrated marine management plans, ecosystem approach and the role of operational risk: The integrated management plan for the Barents Sea introduced a framework for petroleum activity. Four different phases of the management plan are explored in the context of risk framing and the development of the integrated management plan.

2) A comparative perspective on marine ecosystem-based management: A comparative analysis of the holistic marine management regimes in Norway, Australia, Canada, USA and European Union.

3) Regional dimensions of integrated marine management plans: The High North Strategy is analysed in relation to the marine governance that is established through the Barents Sea Plan.

4) Bilateral and sectoral approaches to marine ecosystem-based management: The relationship between integrated marine management plans and sectoral approaches to fisheries management in the Barents Sea have been researched.

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