Department of
Biological Sciences

Postdoc, PhD
Kim Scherrer

My work focuses on the interactions between humans and marine ecosystems, especially on the sustainability and resilience of fisheries under climatic, technological and societal change. Figuring out how fisheries can better contribute to global food security and human well-being is at the heart of my research.

Models, data and future projections

I use size-spectrum models of marine ecosystems, coupled with socio-economic and Earth system models, to explore how fisheries and ecosystems may change over time. Further, I collect and analyze socioeconomic data to improve the representation of human dimensions in such models. I am also especially interested in the usefulness of long-term model projections and future scenarios.

Sustainable food from the ocean

Fisheries have the potential to provide sustainable and healthy food, but there are many challenges ahead. I am part of the project "How can fisheries contribute more to a sustainable future?", aiming to reimagine the role of fisheries based on the principles of sustainability.

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