Department of
Biological Sciences

PhD Student, MSc
Iliana Vasiliki Ntinou

PhD Project

In my PhD project I will be studying the impact of changing oceanographic conditions on the seasonal and longer-term dynamics of three Calanus species in Disko Bay, Greenland. To investigate that I will be addressing the following research questions:

  1. Are changes in phenology of Calanus copepods - a key link in the pelagic marine food web - coupled with changes in sea ice?
  2. Does body size of Calanus copepods respond to warming and increased predation?
  3. Do organismal responses to a changing environment depend on individual state such as energy reserves?

My PhD is part of the interdisciplinary project Climate Narratives, which is about expanding our knowledge and understanding of the impacts of climate change on physical and biological processes as well as its societal consequences for indigenous communities. My supervisors are Øystein Varpe (UiB), Lars H. Smedsrud (UiB), and Torkel G. Nielsen (DTU).

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