Department of
Biological Sciences

PhD Student, MSc
Agnieszka Rumińska

The evolution of extra-pair mating and social networks theory

I am a PhD student with a solid background in natural sciences and mathematics. I have a degree in biotechnology (2017) and astronomy (2020). My main scientific interest is application of numerical methods into solving complex biological problems. I also enjoy working in the wet lab.

Te aim of my PhD project was to continue the research on the evolution of mating systems in birds from a new perspective. My goal is to combine social networks theory, a tool that allows to analyze multiple social interactions among the population, with the individual based model of extra-pair paternity. My model organism is the 'average passerine bird' - I am using field observations to incorporate universal bird behaviours and responses into the code. The model is implemented in python, and its dynamics mimics the real breeding colony.

supervisors: Sigrunn Eliassen, Christian Jørgensen
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