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PhD Student, MSc
Nadia Fouzai


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Peer-Reviewed Articles
Pedersen MW, Kokkalis A, Bardarson H, Bonanomi S, Boonstra WJ, Butler WE, Diekert FK, Fouzai N, Holma M, Holt RE, Kvile KØ, Nieminen E, Ottosen KM, Richter A, Rogers LA, Romagnoni G, Snickars M, Törnroos A, Weigel B, Whittington JD, Woods P, Yletyinen J, Ferreira ASA. 2016.
Trends in marine climate change research in the Nordic region since the first IPCC report
Climatic Change. 134: 147-161. [ doi:10.1007/s10584-015-1536-6 ]
Boonstra WJ, Ottosen KM, Ferreira AS, Richter A, Rogers LA, Pedersen MW, Kokkalis A, Bardarson H, Bonanomi S, Butler W, Diekert FK, Fouzai N, Holma M, Holt RE, Kvile K, Macdonald JI, Malanski E, Nieminen E, Romagnoni G, Snickars M, Weigel B, Woods P, Yletyinen J, Whittington JD. 2015.
What are the major global threats and impacts in marine environments? Investigating the contours of a shared perception among marine scientists from the bottom-up
Marine Policy. 60: 197-201. [ doi:10.1016/j.marpol.2015.06.007 ] [ pdf ]
Fouzai N, Opdal AF, Jørgensen C, Fiksen Ø. 2015.
Effects of temperature and food availability on larval cod survival: a model for behaviour in vertical gradients
Marine Ecology-Progress Series. 529: 199-212. [ doi:10.3354/meps11326 ] [ open access ]
Fouzai N, Coll M, Palomera I, Santojanni A, Arneri E, Christensen V. 2012.
Fishing management scenarios to rebuild exploited resources and ecosystems of the Northern-Central Adriatic (Mediterranean Sea)
Journal of Marine Systems. 102?104: 39-51. [ doi:10.1016/j.jmarsys.2012.05.003 ] [ pdf ]


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