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PhD Student, MSc
Nadia Fouzai

I am interested in early life history evolution and behavioural ecology of larval fish under global climate change. Currently I'm using theoretical models to investigate climate effects on Atlantic cod larvae.

My PhD is related to the Nordic Centre of Excellence NorMER (The Nordic Centre for Research on Marine Ecosystems and Resources under Climate Change).

My PhD project focuses on larval cod in environmental gradients: how do recruitment success relate to oceanographic conditions? The aim is to develop theoretical models of larval cod growth and survival in scenarios of future oceanographic conditions. The key research question is how recruitment success of larval cod will depend upon changes in environmental and ecological gradients such as ocean temperature, alkalinity, primary production, optics and prey availability. Particular attention will be given to changes in vertical environmental gradients and behavioural strategies as well as horizontal patterns and drift.

Optimality modelling and individual-based models will be used to integrate from physiological processes to ecological and evolutionary mechanisms involved in long-term changes of the environment. Processes of feeding, growth and predation risk are coupled mechanistically to the environmental drivers. The predictive ability of these models will first be applied on existing empirical studies of particular field data covering environment, prey and larval fish growth and distribution.


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