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PhD student, MSc
Johanna Fall

Cod and capelin are among the most important fishery resources in the Barents Sea. The two species form a strong trophic link; cod is the most important predator on capelin after the larval stage. In recent years, the distributions of cod and capelin have shifted northwards in the feeding season, and distributions are expected to change even more in the future. The cod stock is currently very large, while the capelin stock decreased sharply in 2015. In this situation, with a warming climate and fluctuating stocks, it is essential to know more about the environmental and biotic factors that influence the predator-prey interaction between cod and capelin, in order to maintain a sustainable fishery.

I work at the Institute of Marine Research, in the Ecosystem processes research group. My PhD is part of the CODFUN project, which ultimately aims to improve the estimate of natural mortality from cod that is used in the capelin stock assessment. Since cod feed on a variety of prey, I am also studying the value of alternative prey in relation to capelin using optimal foraging models.


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